Monitor Calibration, Color Management

Digital Information Djet / Preproofer
Digital Information
Preproofer / Djet

CtP Optotec One

CtP Optotec One

4 up or 8 up CtP & Workflow

Glunz & Jensen plate processor

Glunz & Jensen
Plate Processors

Quality printing plates

CtP Printing plates
From selected manufacturers





Pantone vörur
Formula Guides & Software




Pantone Formula Scale
PANTONE Formula Scales




 Tower Pressroom Supplies

Tower Products
Pressroom Supplies

- Offset (download catalogue)
- Flexo (download catalogue)



Rotadyne rollers
Sigma Rollers
Quality press rollers, Press Ready

Specialized Press Maintenance


About Spot Nordic

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Just Normlicth, lýsing fyrir grafíska vinnslu
Just Normlicht
Viewing Cabinets and Lighting


Techkon density and spectrometers


Density- og Spectro Instruments

Digital Information InkZone preset and closed loop

Digital Information
InkZone Preset & Closed Loop



Printing blankets & Stripping blankets

Printing inks
Offset Printing Inks
Process inks, Pantone inks, Varnishes, Coatings etc. from quality manufacturers.

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