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Press Preset & Closed Loop (inline measurement of colorbar during printing)

InkZone from the Swiss company Digital Information is suited for most types of printing presses, sheetfed and web presses including Heidelberg, Man Roland, Komori and KBA and many other brands.


Established in 1990 by Mr. Michael Haenni and Christoph Bugs in Zurich, Switzerland, Digital Information is a pioneer and leader in it's field with thousands of installations of their legendary DI PLOT software and consequently hundreds of installations of the InkZone solution which is built on top of DI PLOT worldwide.

It is a great honour for us to present this roburst solution to printers in Nordic countries.

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I&I / Spot-Nordic has been dealer for Digital Information in Iceland since it's foundation in 2015. InkZone is the most popular preset and closed loop solution in Iceland and we are delighted to be able to offer this amazing solution to quality concious printers in Denmark and Sweden as well.


If you are looking to ensure a consistent colour from all your printing presses, for all papertypes you work with, the InkZone preset and closed loop is exactly what you need.


Your printers will love this system as well since it shows them the state of their press, the dotgain/TVI for each unit and how close the ink series they are using is to ISO 12647 (ISO 2846 for process inks). That will help them to make necessary changes to ensure flawless output on their press.


 Flash demo showing how the InkZone system works


The InkZone workflow - overview

This amazing product is just about the best investment a printer can make. It has a ROI of as little as a few months and has a proven track record of saving tens of thousands of Euros each year - per press!

How much it can safe you is something we can help you estimate using your own input from your operation on a press to press basis.

Already have a Preset?
If your press(es) already have a preset but it's not really working (takes about as much time for the printers to correct the preset as it would if they had no preset), then it is time for you to replace it. The InkZone preset can be tweaked for as many paper types as you like, as many times as needed to enable correct inking from the start of the run each time.

Already have an inline measuring device on your press(es)?
If your presses already have an inline measuring device but no preset, we can in most cases add the preset and you can continue to use your measuring device.

If your inline measuring instrument does not measure reliably anymore then it may be less expensive for you to get a brand new state of the art InkZone Preset and Closed Loop with Techkon Spectrodrive inline colorbar measurement, than it would cost you to replace parts in your old inline measuring instrument.

Last but not least, where do the density targets used for your inline measuring instrument come from? Do they belong to a standard like the ISO 12647 - or are they just approximate densities set by your printer?

A good Ink Preset is where you safe the most - in the form of paper and time during make ready.

The Closed loop/inline measuring of colorbar during production has the main role of maintaining ink balance during production - which is of course a must if your printing company is working according to a standard like ISO 12647-2 or G7 as an obligation to your customers.

Printers that are interested in having their printing certified according to Ugra or Fogra PSO standard, are obliged to install an automated colorbar measuring device like the Techkon Spectrodrive with on-screen readings as a condition (an offline version may do but an online/closed loop solution is highly recommended).

If someone told you it was not possible to install preset and closed loop on your press, think again. We have done installations on presses that only had an old cassette player and recorder on it's console to load and safe jobs, so let us at least take a look.

Contact Please include the name and age of your printing presses, serial numbers and operating system on each press, along with the name of your workflow and it's features. We can log on to your workflow via Teamviewer to see if it has the necessary components for InkZone.

The InkZone system consists of the following components:

 You can add components over time without additional cost apart from installation cost at your own discretion:


DI PLOTThe DI PLOT software runs on the workflow server and automatically grabs all ripped files ready for platesetting in the workflow, calculates the inkzone settings from the ripped data and then converts them into CIP4 files that are sent to the InkZone Perfect software running on the press PC.


DI PLOT can also be used for printing out a proof from the already ripped data to ensure that layout and content are as they should be - a sort of a blueprint - final check before outputting the job to plate.


You can also "Print to PDF" if you prefer not to waste your ink.


More info about DI PLOT here:


The same DI PLOT software can be set up to send data to as many devices as needed, - so this is a one time investment.

InkZone Perfect

This is the Preset software. Here the printer can select the printing form, view it's thumbnail preview and the drop it onto the press (or to the "upper" or "lower" units in the case of web presses). Here the printer also selects the paper profile he wants to use for the job (ISO 12647 standard types or a custom paper profile he has created.

Here, the preset of all ink zones takes about one minute and the presetting should be accurate enough to start printing as soon as the job is in register.


This v.s. spending 10 - 15 minutes or more pr. run in pre-adjusting and the re-adjusting the ink zones for all colors, wasting 100-150 sheets of virgin paper or so before printing can begin with an OK SHEET.


InkZone PERFECT can be set up to send presetting to up to 3 presses from a centralized hub/PC. In that case you only need the hardware that connects the presses to the InkZone PERFECT PC.



InkZone MOVE
is a convenient software application that "talks" to InkZone PERFECT. The target density attached to the paper profile in InkZone PERFECT is sent to InkZone MOVE. InkZone MOVE connects to a scanning instrument, such as the Techkon Spectrodrive. The instrument measures both density and LAB of a colorbar on an 8 up sheet in a matter of 12 seconds or so and the density/spectral data along with dotgain, slur etc. is displayed and compared on-screen to the target density. Here the printer can react quickly by making first corrections where the density is way out of target and then adjusting the ink zones where only slight adjustment is required.


InkZone MOVE with a single measuring device is available to be set up to measure density for as many as 4 presses at the same time.



InkZone LOOP is yet another software application that "talks" to the MOVE software, checks the target density for the job and compares it to the results of each measurement from MOVE and displays a suggested change to the ink zones for all units of the press on-screen.  InkZone LOOP also comes with a hardware connection from the Press PC to the press. 

Here the printer can select to maintain full control by manually pressing a button to "Approve changes" - or he can set the system to adjust ink automatically right after the IZ LOOP has calculated it's suggested changes in density.

At this stage you have your complete InkZone Closed Loop system set up.


Additionally you might want to consider:




InkZone REPORT is the perfect tool for Production and Quality Managers to keep track of how each press doing - how closely it is printing to the target standard. Demanding customers can also be offered to get a printout of their job to see for themselves that the job was in fact printed within his standards.


More details on the InkZone range.


System Brunner Instrument Flight

Brunner Visual



InkZone Instrument Flight by System Brunner


InkZone Instrument Flight, developed by the Swiss company System Brunner not only makes sure that your solids and overprints (C, M, Y, K, CM, CY, MY) as well as your dotgain is in check according to ISO 12647 / PSO / G7. It actually takes advantage of the allowed Delta E and tolerance in dotgain to make subtle adjustments to, for instance, skintones. Here the printer can request the finer halftones to be for instance "slightly more yellow" or "slightly less blue", - and the Instrument Flight will make minor adjustments in the ink density to achieve this, - but still keeping the print within the standard as it's first priority.

More details on Instrument Flight:

Download PDF on InkZone Instrument Flight

Contact for more information on InkZone.

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